Coffee Origin Trips


The largest producer in the world, a vast area of coffee growing in various ways. A little organic, shade grown coffee at Fazenda Ambiental Forteleza, some high grown arabicas in the Sul de Minas area, towards the west coast:  but open plains of machine picked arabicas in the Minas Gerias area. Much of the coffee is naturally processed with complicated machinery to pick and sort the cherries.
Enjoy a caipirinha with  Ednilson and Walter the at Fazenda  Dutra.    

Papua New Guinea

A country which is shrouded in mystery, an exciting land, rich in history, exotic wildlife and equally exotic tribes with strange mysterious customs and a unique primitive culture. There are  a few estates that we visited, but the majority of the coffee that is grown is from small tribal units hidden in the mountains. Thus the quality can be variable.   What a welcome  !    –  full national dress, dancing and speeches to the whole village. An experience not to be missed


Rwanda, known as the land of a thousand hills, is a small but beautiful country, with some amazing people It produces some really good quality coffees, many at high altitude, mainly fully washed, although good naturals are just beginning to make an appearance. Four national parks, and plenty of wildlife including the famous mountain gorillas provide great sightseeing opportunities, whilst there are plenty of chances to learn about Rwandan culture and history.


Mexico is a land of contrasts, hot, dry and arid in the north, but in the south it is warm, wet, mountainous, fertile…….and beautiful. This is where you will find the coffee growing areas of Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca (pronounced wahaca) and Tabasco. What may come as a surprise to many people is the quality of some of the coffees coming out of Mexico, and not only will you get to taste some of these great coffees, but you will receive a wonderful welcome and learn about a fascinating cultural history.


A week of diversity, visiting IHCAFE training centre bringing young people into agriculture. Trips to farms that have won Cup of Excellence. Numerous cupping sessions and various processing plants. A night at Capucas one of the advanced teaching estates in the rain forest zone of Celaque. Wonderful welcome from farmers and exporters before visiting the Mayan temples at Copan. Such a comprehensive trip concluded with cocktails in Hacienda San Lucas and a farewell dinner from the Honduran Coffee Exporters Association in San Pedro Sula.

An experience which emphasised the efforts made in Honduras to improve quality and production in all aspects of their coffee.


Hectares of shade grown coffee complimented by tea plantations. Enjoy the experience at Balanoor Plantation. You live on the farm with the wonderful hospitality of the Kurian family. The journey there enables you to visit historic temples. Spending a day at Devon Plantation you will see different crops including cacao and vanilla and coffee tree varieties. Anyone want to climb an Areca tree to cut down the nuts? The trip ends with the unique experience of visiting Aspinwall’s monsooning centre in Mangalore.


A complete learning experience.

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