We are pleased to work with several partners within the world wide coffee community, to help organise the best experience possible and also to support , help and promote one another’s activities in our mutual quest to improve all aspects of the coffee industry.

Brazilian Speciality Coffee Association

BSCA have for many years been close friends and supporters of speciality coffee in Europe and around the world. Not surprising as they represent over 60,000 coffee producers in Brazil, many of them producing fantastic washed and natural speciality coffees. Brazil Specialty Coffee Association’s objective is to bring together producers of specialty coffees and to promote Brazilian specialty coffees, while stimulating constant technical improvement and more efficient services during their commercialization. We have enjoyed many trips to Brazil over the years, the most recent in June of this year, and we plan to have many more.


Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia

Our partnership with SCAI goes back several years now, and we have jointly organised five trips over consecutive years to East and West Java, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi and Flores, all of which have included members of SCAI as well as trippers from all over the world. We have also engaged at many European events. We are already planning the 2020 trip!



We are proud to be partners, supporters and friends of International Women’s Coffee Alliance, a friendship which goes back a long way. They work tirelessly for equality of opportunity for women in the coffee industry, and to help the various chapters market their coffee, firstly on quality and secondly because it is grown by women. Whenever we can we include engaging with the local IWCA chapter as part of our itinerary. We fully endorse the following sentiment.

“Study after study has confirmed that there is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole— women and men alike— than one which involves women as central players. No other policy is as likely to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality or improve nutrition and promote health. When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately: families are healthier; they are better fed; their income, savings and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and, eventually, whole countries.”

– Kofi Annan (1938-2018)


Coffee Tea Cacao Russia Expo

Coffee Tea Russian Expo is a key industry event for production chain from bean and leaf to cup. It offers exhibition, business practice, educational programs, professional coffee and tea competitions for barista, roasters and tea masters. CTRE can be considered as the largest professional event in Russia and other CIS countries. At one time, in one place Coffee & Tea Russian Expo will bring together more than 6.500 professionals from Russia and other CIS countries and abroad. More than 170 companies will take part in CTRE as exhibitors and partners.

We will be taking part in this event in Moscow in March 2020 where we will jointly promote Coffee Origin Trip for Russian speakers. One lucky visitor to the show will win a free trip, jointly sponsored by Coffee Origin trips and Coffee Tea Cacao Russia Expo to a country of origin.

12-14 MARCH 2020
10am – 6pm daily


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