We are talking to our partners and hosts in each of the following countries of origin and will post full itineraries as soon as they are agreed.

February 2023 - Costa Rica
Eight coffee regions, eight flavours, great coffee, stunning scenery including the fantastic Dota – so high that only the birds can go! Read More
February 2023 - Jamaica
Blue Mountain was one of the original speciality coffees, and still lives on as a favourite coffee for many. Small island with a big impact!
May 2023 - Rwanda
This short trip will be a great introduction to the beautiful country of a thousand hills, its people and its great coffees
June 2023 - Brazil
Minas Gerais is the centre of the coffee world – you will see it all and be blown away by the hospitality of the farmers – as well as the excellent coffee!
July 2023 - Indonesia

This trip to our most popular destination will be organised by our friends from the Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia and we will be joined by some of their members

January 2024 - Mexico
This is a much under rated coffee growing country, recovering well from the rust disaster and producing some really good speciality coffees in a beautiful landscape
January 2024 - India
A diverse trip taking in tea, cacao and vanilla as well as really good coffee in the Western Ghats, including monsooned at Mangalore
March 2024 - Guatemala
Discover why coffees from the regions of Guatemala are so special and get to know them and the wonderful people who produce them
May 2024- Peru
With three distinct growing regions the diversity of coffees from Peru is amazing. You will have to book up early as we have lots of interest for this trip
Potential Trips

 We are dedicated to giving coffee professionals and enthusiasts the most comprehensive experience of coffee at its origin that anybody could give. Our style is professional, but friendly and relaxed, and whilst learning about coffee is paramount we also place importance on meeting other people, be it members of the group or farmers and other professionals from origin, enjoying their company and indeed learning from them. And of course experiencing different cultures, be it in big cities, on safari, up a volcano or on a lake, or indeed on a coffee farm. Completes the enrichment of the trip. If you join us you will undoubtedly have a life enhancing, if not life changing, experience.


A deposit will be requested when the details are finalised and full payment made a month before the trip.

The cost will be inclusive from collection at the airport and the first meeting for dinner in a hotel near an international airport to breakfast on the day of departure. All hotels/accomodation (sometimes we may stay on farms), transport and meals are included in the price.  It does not include airfares (unless they are internal and part of the trip) as we have participants from all over the world who will have to make their own travel plans.

If you want to stay longer we can arrange for you to extend your stay and make your own payment to the hotel.

Meeting the farmers

Meeting the farmers and the local people is an essential of the trip . We will visit research centres to see the cutting edge of coffee development.  Normally we will visit a place of local culture to increase our knowledge of the country. For example, in Honduras we visited the Mayan Temples at Copan.

Enthusiasts will visit many countries to learn how the differences in agriculture  and preparation affects the flavour of the coffees. Within the group friends are made from all over the world  – a wonderful networking opportunity.

"know your product"

Education is the essence of positive selling and experience is the key to knowledge.

Your clients will appreciate it when you can describe the taste of a coffee cherry picked from the bush and the reasons why your coffee stands above the competition.

If any of the above destinations interests you, start your journey by registering your interest on this page. We will then contact you when the details, dates, cost etc. are finalised and ask you to officially register for the trip and pay us a small deposit. Your only problem will be deciding which trip to choose!

Register Your Interest!


0044 7802 299054 (Colin) 

0044 7769 251735 (David)





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